10731 W. LaPorte Road
Mokena, IL 60448

Mokena Boy Scout Troop 725

Follow The Old Path

2016 Monthly Themes

Monthly the troop participates in a focused theme of scouting.

January - Winter Sports

In January we enjoy a family oriented weekend ski trip where we ski, snowboard, tube, sled, night hike and much more.

February - Cold Weather Camping

In February the scouts experience the um exhilaration of cold weather camping.  Ice Fishing, Hikes, Hot Chocolate, and a warm fire help make this a memorable experience.

March - Scout Skills

During March the scouts learn and practice various skills that help them

to become well rounded young men.

April - First Aid

In April the scouts work on fundamentals of First Aid to help them be prepared in case of an emergency.  A favorite for camping during April is the trip to Galena for Grant's Pilgrimage.

May - Camping

As the spring weather really gets nice the scouts get to really enjoy camping.  As a goal the troop tries to get out to at least one campout a month.

June - Backpacking and Hiking

The Scouts have gone on many 10-20 mike hikes including the I&M Canal, Waterfall Glen and Kankakee State Park.  Another highlight of June is the annual summer camp at Owassippee.

July - Cycling

The troop hits the trails in July pedaling their way to fitness and experiencing some of the great bike trails in Illinois.

August - Hiking, Fishing, STEM

Before going back to school the scouts head to the Dresden Power Plant to learn about Nuclear Power, Engineering, Plumbing and more.  In addition we have to squeeze in at least one more campout.

September - Boating and Canoeing

The scouts love watercraft some going to High Adventure in the Florida Keys.  Everyone though gets to enjoy the basics of boating, canoeing, kayaking, small boat sailing and more.

October  - Scout Skills

Once again the scouts focus on the various skills like citizenship, leadership, knots, welding and much, much more.  October usually brings the Fall Camporee as well.

November - Cooking, Orienteering

A boys gotta eat, and for the scouts on the campout they have to cook to eat. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of cooking and equally important eating.

December - Open House

In December we turn our attention to presenting our Troop to the Cub Scouts who will be crossing over and anyone else interested in joining.  In addition we hold our last Court of Honor to recognize the achievements that the scouts have earned.